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I am glad to see you on my web-site devoted to my St. Bernard BERNER BER IS PLEMENI KEDRA to his children and grandchildren, and to all other St. Bernards living in a Kemerovo.

      My name is Yana Goppe. I'm the owner of Ber and the leader of  the breed  in Kemerovo.

      Basis for breeding cultivation in our city are dogs from leading kennels of Russia. Despite of young age of our dogs, they repeatedly became winners and prize-winners at the most prestigious shows of Siberia, winners Best in Show, Best in Group, numerous winners of one-breed shows.

      Our dogs have many titles, such as Grand-champions of Russia, Champions of Russia, Junior Champions of Russia, Club Winners, and Champions of cynology federations - RKF, ROLS, RFSS, RFOS. They have received these titles absolutely deservedly.

      Laborious breeding work has allowed to achieve that our dogs give magnificent healthy posterity puppies. We offer our best males for breeding use. Here you can always choose the elite puppy for show career, the reliable security guard and the devoted partner for you and excellent nanny for your children. We render all-round consultations and help to prepare dogs for shows.

     I wish to say THANKS to Stolbova Natalia (Kennel Black Russian  terrier "Deneb-Keitos")!!!! She has presented it to me as a gift for New 2007.

     We invite all to glance on our spark!

     We have common interests and we'll be glad to see all of you!

                                                                                                                     Yana Goppe

Our dogs:



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