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On August 17, 2012. Newborn puppies- 4 girls and 1 boy, from very beautiful breeding pair :

daddy: the magnificent guy from Holland HEEZEDOORN*S USTINOV

(the descendant of dogs from world famous kennels of the USA, Canada, Europe) Ustinov - very large dog, with powerful skeleton, good anatomy, with the beautiful, big head, a bright color, excellent temperament.

mummy: remarkable the TANGO

(the daughter of an outstanding St. Bernard of the Berner Bear iz Plemeni Kedra and our best Teyp Matrony) Tango - strong, with good skeleton, with the beautiful head, a bright color, excellent temperament.

The combination of these bloods yields the result checked in practice - large growth, the big beautiful heads, a bite - scissors, an elegant color, direct, long wool, beautiful, flying movements, excellent frame. Generally, connection of types American and European, gives a remarkable mix. The help with delivery in any point of the World! We guarantee all-round consultations, monitoring of a puppy, the help in cultivation and exhibition career!!!
Contact information: Phone: +7-950-274-88-52 LIZA (speak English) +7-951-174-50-21 BELLA (speak Russian) e-mail: berry.jana@mail.ru


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